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Shame On Johnson, Tisale, Manos And Hickman

Remember Those Who Approved The Campground Upgrades

Although Bob Magee's vote against improvements to the La Laguna campground was probably more a strategic move than a genuine opposition to the project, applauds his decision.

All other council members voted in favor at the council meeting of 11 October 2016. Their reckless decision shows deep disrespect for taxpayers.

They have given the green light for the city's new Diamond Stadium financial hemorrhage, which is the La Laguna campground.

According to the financial feasibility analysis prepared by Jason Simpson, Director of Administrative Services and approved by city manager Grant Yates, the worst case scenario is an annual average occupancy of 40%.

The average occupancy of the campground came nowhere near 40% during the summer of 2016.

The lowest lake levels since 1993 and the closing of the lake during the summer of 2016 due to algae toxins could not persuade Johnson, Tisdale, Manos and Hickman to use their common sense.

These council members are highly corrosive to our city with their simplistic thinking and you, dear taxpayer, shall pay for their idiocy.

We at will meticulously monitor the campground's occupancy DAILY. We will make sure this decision haunts the council members and results in their removal from office. They will be held accountable.


The Nightmare Team
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Mary B. 1 November 2016 - 20:33:17 hrs

Given the current lake levels and the ongoing drought, this wasn't the right time to approve such a thing and it's far too much money being spent in an area that is riddled with drug addicts and low income. Not sure what the city is trying to attract at this campground but it surely won't be happy families who want to feel safe. Yikes!