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Plenty Of Reasons To Fire City Manager Grant Yates

About Grant Yates

Grant Yates comes across as a friendly and likeable man. One is easilly charmed. Yates has a gift for winning people over. However, do not be fooled by his charm.

During closed door labor negotiations at city hall in the fall of 2013, Grant Yates made the raving rant "I will cut their throats, I will cut their throats" in reference to city employees. If any other city employee had talked about cutting the throats of co-workers, they'd have been immediately fired and escorted out of city hall by the Sheriffs.

City Manager Yates paid 9 long term employees a bonus of $30,000 to retire. This completed the dirty work of driving out long term employees. Out went the city's corporate memory on how complicated and specific tasks function.

Grant Yates prefers loyalty over competence, even at the expense of taxpayers.

city engineer/director Seumalo
administrative services director Riley
HR manager Bloc
management analyst Carlson
traffic engineer Beardsley
IT manager Soto
second IT manager Herrera
recreation manager Davis
second city engineer Allison
director of public works Damasse.
lake, parks & recreation director Pat Kilroy

Me, My, I

Grant Yates, who lives in Temecula, is too busy loving himself, loving listening to himself talk and promoting himself to manage the city correctly. He is pushing the "Mister Nice Guy" image.

The goal of the meeting at the Tuscany Hills club house on Thursday 28 June 2016 was for the residents to voice their concerns and to give them the opportunity to ask the city manager questions.

Bummer! It was the Grant Yates Good News Show, with your host, Grant Yates. Special guest? Grant Yates.

Our city manager spent the first 30 minutes tooting his own horn by praising his work, supported by a slideshow, painting a picture of a paradise city where only good things happen (because of him of course). He was only showing the positive of Lake Elsinore while avoiding the negative. No slides of the fluorescent green toxic algae in the lake which is now closed for all activities. No slides of the $237,000 unreadable signs over highway 15, the drug addicts, the homeless camp by the lake, the abandones shopping carts or the trash.

One would expect to see "City Of Lake Elsinore" on those slides but they had "Grant Yates City Manager" on them. Yates refers to "our city staff" as "my staff", "our city engineers" as "my engineers" and "the city" as "me" or "I". He often corrected himself, "I did,... uh, the city and I did".

Yates is a manipulator. When speaking to retired people of respectable age, he says he's not good with technology. Yates answers e-mails from a computer, an Ipad and an Iphone. This statement is an effort to get the audience to associate with him and say "He's one of us!". Yates is putting an excessive effort into "winning people over", selling himself as the Yates god. He's telling green people green is his favorite color and he's telling red people red is his favorite color.

The Staf Report for the $14 million upgrades to the La Laguna Resort is written in a manipulative way.

Plenty Of Reasons Reason To Fire Yates


1. Missing A $1,102,000 Grant

Grant missed the grant. Yates missed a $1,102,000 grant the city qualified for. It was retired Pat Kilroy who spent a week before the deadline preparing the paperwork for the grant. Kilroy had written Yates three months before the dealine to make sure the city would not miss the grant. Yates should have been fired. Instead, our council members gave him an $18,000/year raise.

2. La Laguna Resort

City manager Yates convinced our dupable council members to waste $14,000,000 on a improvements to the La Laguna Resort campground residents will never use, competing with private enterprise. He signed for approval to borrow $10,000,000 and burden the city with paying back $19,840,000 ($640,000/year). The feasibility calculations are a joke. It is premeditated sugarcoating and deception. Yates is convinced the La Laguna campground will pay for itself. The campground occupancy on the busiest weekend of the year, 2, 3 and 4 july, never came close to 40%. His calculations do not take into account closing the lake because of algae toxins, a financial crisis, nor a dried up lake.

The city will pay off the loan out of the city fund, no matter what. This means Yates would cut in police and fire services and city maintenance. The La Laguna campground is more important to Yates than the safety and wellbeing of the resident.

3. Unreadable Signs Over I 15

With a wage of $198,000 and $9,580 in health insurance each year, Grant Yates is responsible for wasting $475,000 of taxpayers money on signs nobody can read. The only people who can guess the sign says "Lake Elsinore" are people who know Lake Elsinore. People who do not know this part of Southern California are unable to read the sign. Moreover, they forgot to put lights on the sign.

4. Too Stupid To Write A Simple Shopping Cart Ordinance

Yates approved an ordinance to address abandoned shopping carts. Council members approved it on May 31, 2016. The ordinance is so thoughtlessly written it's no wonder it's not working. If Yates is too dumb from something as simple as shopping cart containment, what can we expect for more complex matters e.g. the financial feasibility raport for improvements to the La Laguna Resort campground that will plunge Lake Elsinore $20 million in debt?

5. Lake Elsinore Got Worse Since Yates

With a $198,000 wage plus $9,580 in health insurance, we should expect a better city from our city manager since he got the jop. The opposite is true. There is more drug dealing, there are more homeless people and there is more crime. On Wednesday, 3 August, we had a tripple homicide in Lake Elsinore, close to the homeless camp by the lake where Yates wants to spend $14 million on a campground and plunge the city $20 million in debt.

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Marcie C. 13 September 2016 - 13:04:28 hrs

Grant Yates goes home to Temecula every night but clearly doesn't take notes. Our problems aren't ones he has to face in his own community. It's not that we the City Manager needs to live in Lake Elsinore, but they do need to be able to solve basic problems, prevent big and costly mistakes by "managing" and have creativity and vision. Our city doesn't need basic people running it. We need people who dare and make real changes.