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Large Parts Of Lake Elsinore In Total Anarchy

Countless stolen bikes were brought to the homeless camp by the lake to be taken apart, reassembled and sold.



In the image above, the yellow numbers count the amount of bike frames that are visible. Many more were hidden under tarps. The green spots show wheels and tires. The city manager was informed on 30 October 2016.

Pushbikes were taken apart and reassembled in an effort to render them unrecognizable to their owners so they could be sold elsewhere. Check the fresh load of bikes in the truck (image below).



The red pickup truck went around stealing bikes and then dropped them off in Lawlessland, the safe haven our council members created for crime, murder and drugs. Our council members are complacent.




It's not so much about the stolen bikes. It's all about the clear message our council members are sending to the homeless and drug addicts that the lake area is Lawlessland.

This is the area where Natasha Johnson, Brian Tisdale, Daryl Hickman and Steve Manos approved a plan to waste $14 million on a campground improvement.

Our council members have learned NOTHING since the tripple homicide last summer, as a direct result of tolerating lawlessness. It's one thing to have a homeless problem and the need for people to live somewhere and another to leave large parts of the city unattended in total anarchy.

The least the city should do is have police patrol on a regular basis. Problem is, we only have three officers on duty at all times and the city doesn't have the money for more police as our council members spent $474,000 on two unreadable signs over Interstate 15 and will sink us $20 million in debt to renovate a campground.

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Marcie 18 November 2016 - 08:22:30 hrs

If a city doesn't quickly and effective solve criminal problems in the community we will continue to be known as weak and the place to be. This city is a full-time job and it doesn't seem Grant Yates is the right person for the job. Perhaps in a city that doesn't need to rise up so far, but he's not tough enough or doing enough.

To the city council and manager; The non-tax payer living by the lake is making the tax payers' life hell. Shopping is hell because of being approached in parking lots by beggars. You say call the police but the three we have on duty are busy. Too busy to be proactive (like down by the lake) as their are only enough to react. And you guys want to spend money on signs and tell the people there is no money for lights, more police etc. It's your duty to protect and serve in your position. I suggest you start protecting your tax paying citizen and stop ignoring the problem. Fix it and fix it good. Don't just clean it up and allow them to return.