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Cheesecake Factory - Oreo Dream Extreme Cake

The $166,738 Slogan Nobody Loves

The city paid a whopping $166,738 to the Bloomfield Group Inc. to come up with the "Dream Extreme" slogan. Someone was probably eating an Oreo Dream Extreme cheesecake at Bloomfield and said, "Hey, let's sell that cheesecake slogan to those dumb idiot donut hole council members in Lake Elsinore!". They must have laughed themselves to tears while having a bottle of the finest champagne at The Bloomfield Group Inc., which is based in Mission Viejo, CA.

The city paid $166,738 for a slogan that is so widely used it could not be trademarked and a logo that is missing the "L" of "LAKE Elsinore".

What an exorbitant amount of money for a slogan used by the Cheesecake Factory, the Dream Xtreme Gym, the Dream Extreme New York Events, the domain name of the Avada Church, the Dream Extreme annual weekend empowerment event in the Hamptons, NY, the Dream Extreme Cheerleaders, the Dream Extreme Party, the Blue Dream Extreme marijuana strain...., hey, you get the picture.

The way our council members squander our tax money is so over the top, one cannot help but wonder if they are getting money under the table when signing these "hot air" contracts. It just doesn't make sense!

City council members care so little about taxpayers and tax money, they would have jumped in joy had The Bloomfield Group Inc. sold them the Walmart slogan for $166,738. All the city's trucks, signs, street names and paperwork would have had "Save Money, Live Better" on it and the council members would have loved it. At least, Save Money, Live Better speaks to all the residents of Lake Elsinore, but the council members chose a slogan that only speaks to sky divers and dirt bike riders.

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GThousandaire 13 October 2016 - 21:09:43 hrs

I dunno, but whenever I have had "extreme dreams" they're called NIGHTMARES...

Kelli 14 September 2016 - 16:51:29 hrs

I just did a little research. The city adopted this slogan in 2006 and the Cheesecake Factory came out with it in 2012. FYI

Thanks for the info Kelli.
Logos and/or slogans usually cost between $250 and $5000. I have worked with countless graphic designers and never heard of a six digit figure for a slogan and logo, especially knowing this slogan was so widely used it could not be trademarked. The city of Lake Elsinore clearly got bent over, but the council members could not care less, it's the residents who got bent over.

It is not my perception or opinion but fact, council members do not handle taxpayers's money with the same care they handle their own and that is scandalous, and a reason to vote them out.

Kelli 14 September 2016 - 16:40:51 hrs

I am a partner in a design agency IN LAKE ELSINORE and our core is branding. I would have charged way less and come up with something original. This is disappointing.

Bob F. 17 June 2016 - 20:06:48 hrs

I was never fond of this slogan. But hey, I'm an old guy.