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Lake Elsinore - Lowest Police Count In USA

The Perfect City For Crime

Why is Lake Elsinore a magnet for drugs, homeless people and crime? Look no further. Lake Elsinore has one of the lowest amounts of police officers per resident in the entire US.

Our council members and city manager [CITY] are obsessed with quantitative growth. They have wet dreams about building more homes, more parks and bringing more thrift stores.

Security is the least of the CITY's worries. They'll tell you there is no money for more police. Yet, our CITY will sink Lake Elsinore $20 million in debt for improvements to a campground no resident will ever use. Talk about wrong priorities.

Lake Elsinore has 0.888 police officers for every 10,000 residents. The CITY pays for 130 hours a day, that's 5.41 officers on permanent duty. Two of them are traffic motor cops who do not answer calls but only write traffic tickets.

If you wonder how that compares to other cities in the US (traffic cops included), check this list with 2015 statistics for major US cities. These statistics are expressed in police officers for every 10,000 residents.

Washinton DC 56.9
Baltimore MD 42.6
New York NY 41.4
Philadelphia PA 40.9
Birmingham AL 39.5
St Louis MO 38.8
Atlanta GA 38.3
Newark NJ 36.8
Rochester NY 34
Detroit MI 33.5
Boston MA 32.2
Charleston SC 33.1
Jackson TN 31.7
Milwaukee WI 31.4
Memphis TN 31
Baton Rouge LA 29.5
Kansas City MO 28.7
Pittsburgh PA 28.4
Buffalo NY 28.1
Fort Lauderdale FL 27.9
Dallas TX 26.8
Tampa FL 26.3
Orlando FL 26
San Francisco CA 25.9
Miami FL 25.9
Los Angeles CA 24.9
Providence RI 23.6
Houston TX 22.8
Salt Lake City UT 22.6
Columbus OH 21.9
Santa Monica CA 21.6
Denver CO 21.5
Knoxville TN 21.4
Mobile AL 20.4
Honolulu HI 20
Seattle WA 19.7
Tulsa OK 19.2
Fort Worth TX 18.8
Austin TX 18.6
Omaha NE 18.3
Waco TX 18
Phoenix AZ 17.8
Tucson AZ 17.6
Oakland CA 17.5
Des Moines IA 17.1
Flagstaff AZ 16.4
Long Beach CA 16.2
Inglewood CA 15.4
Portland OR 14.5
Santa Cruz CA 14.2
Santa Barbara CA 13.9
Ontario CA 13.7
San Diego CA 13.5
Sacramento CA 13.2
Chino CA 12.2
Oceanside CA 11.7
Ventura CA 11.4
Eugene OR 11.3
Orange CA 10.7
Costa Mesa CA 10
San Bernardino CA 9.9
Corona CA 9.6
Carlsbad CA 9.2
Napa CA 8.9
Chula Vista CA 8.2
Irvine CA 7.9
Murrieta CA 7.8
Indio CA 7.1
Lake Elsinore CA 0.88


This has nothing to do with money but everything with blatant neglect. This is BAD MANAGEMENT, or no management for that matter. This is hard proof the CITY does not care, not about you, not about your tax money, not about your safety and not about your home value. The only hope for Lake Elsinore is to flush out all the council members and the city manager.



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