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Failed Shopping Cart Ordinance

Another Band-Aid Fix From Our Council Members

Our Lake Elsinore council members approved an ordinance to address abandoned shopping carts on May 31, 2016. The approach is wrong, right off the bat. What did you expect?

"8.38.050 Mandatory Shopping Cart Containment and Retrieval Plan"

There is no need for a retrieval plan if shopping carts are properly contained. The mere fact the ordinance contains a retrieval plan is proof that the city foresees the failure of the shopping cart containment plan.

"Written notice shall be provided to customers, that removal of shopping carts form the premises is prohibited by state law."

Does anyone really think the notice will prevent the removal of shopping carts from the premises? Dumb, dumber, dumbest council members and city manager. Will the city require stores to put a notice on each of their products that it is against the law to steal the product? Must I put a notice on my car that it is against the law to steal my car? IDIOTS!!! The city is giving shop owners extra work and extra expenses for nothing while making the ordinance more complicated than it has to be.

"In addition upon notification by city personnel, the owner shall cause the retrieval of the cart within 24 hours Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays and within 12 hours the first day after the Weekend or Holiday."

Who will check if a cart is still there after 24 hours (12 hours after a weekend or holiday). How impractical is that? So, it's OK for a shop to have carts off their premises as long as they bring them back in 24 hours! What's the point of this ordinance? It's as hollow as the city manager's head!

Where does one learn to be so dumb? Did the council members and the city manager go to a special school for dumbness? It is a valid question. The council members and the city manager are not awake, they do not question, they do not challenge, they are on automatic pilot, they have an assembly line mentality, their thinking is stale, they are stagnant.

"If the owner contracts with a cart retrieval service, the service must be approved by the City."

WHY?! Who cares?! What criteria will evaluate a service for approval to pick up shopping carts? They're not landing a robot on Mars. They're bringing back shopping carts! What are people at city hall doing? Create laws just to make laws, hot air? Why make an ordinance more complicated than it has to be? So Grant Yates, the city manager, can feel important and sit their like a Roman emperor, turning his thumb upward or downward? He must have too much free time on his hands to approve a service for a task as complex and delicate as picking up shopping carts!

"The city manager shall review each submitted plan and within 30 days approve, deny or request revision of the plan."

With the city manager hardly doing his job and making one gaffe after another, he is supposed to approve a shopping cart containment plan? Why make it anymore complicated than giving a hefty fine for each shopping cart found off the premises? Does a driver have to submit a plan on how he/she is going to travers a crossing by car? No!!! Fine the driver if he/she drives through a red light! IDIOTS!!!

Knowing Grant Yates is too stupid to write something as simple as a shopping cart ordinance, would you trust him with something way more complex like a financial feasibility raport for a campground upgrade that will put Lake Elsinore $20 million in debt? Council members blindly trust him. What did you expect?

Lake Elsinore is run by incompetent council members and an idiot city manager who makes too much money (+200K) and deserves in kick in the butt on his way out. It's more about feeling important than about the success of a clean and safe city because of logical and easy to implement laws.

Seven, seven shopping carts. Ahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

After approving the ordinance more than 53 months ago, this pictures is the money shot, right outside city hall, under the nose of the city manager, illustrating the incompetence of the city manager and the failure of the shopping cart ordinance. Another half baked Band-Aid hot air fix by our city management and government. Expect nothing else from these clowns.

Read the shopping cart ordinance.

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Mary B 18 December 2016 - 10:33:45 hrs

Grant Yates is not doing it for this city and the city council isn's seeing this fact. The residents are starting to grow tired of empty promises and are speaking up more and more. I guess as long as the problems aren't in Grant Yates' city of Temecula, it's just not his priority. City Council, get rid of this guy. He doesn't have the vision, creativity, ability to hire the right people or vision to bring our city to it's full potential. Look at places like Palm Springs, smaller than LE but safe, business and resident friendly. If that is too far for them to look, then just look up the 15 for inspiration. With Prop 47 and 57 LE NEEDS to understand with that comes a need for more police. Building more homes and businesses is not going to take care of the homeless drug addicts. It's not going to make code enforcement work. This is just a total cluster of incompetence that is lowering our home values.