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Lake Elsinore Council Members Tolerate Lawlessness

Could it be they just don't care?



The homeless camps in Lake Elsinore are completely lawless. There is no police supervision. You could kidnap a child and rape it for weeks on end. You could abduct people and cut them in a thousand pieces. You can pimp out prostitutes. You can sell and do drugs. You can possess, buy or sell weapons. You can shoot meth in your veins and when you are so high you don't even know what planet you're on, build a campfire in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone. EVERYTHING is possible. Our council members DO NOT SEE THE PROBLEM.

You would think it's a no-brainer that something will happen in these conditions, right? Not for our council members. Maybe, just maybe, they don't give a shit. Right? Don't give a shit! How else can one explaine their tolerance towards total lawlessness in parts of Lake Elsinore?

A homeless man was beaten to death with a rock in 2012 and this year, in August 2016, three people were shot dead, two of them were homeless. The murder is directly related to drug sale and use at the homeless camp between Lakeshore Drive and the La Laguna boat launch.

One would think this would have sparked some form of cerebral activity in the brains of our council members, right? WRONG!!! Pissing money up the wall on useless things and kissing the city manager's butt is way more important than security, health issues, home values, cleanness, tidyness, code enforcement (except for "easy targets"),... the list goes on. Oh, and of course, the city looks a lot cleaner during the weeks before the elections. It's an indirect way our sly council members use your tax money on their campaign.

The capacity of their shopaholic brain is consumed with spending money on useless things. Upgrading a campground is FAR more important, one that is surrounded with lawlessness. Go figure!

Did you know Lake Elsinore has on average 3 police officers (and two motorcyle traffic cops) on duty at anytime? Lake Elsinore has an average of 130 hrs (officers and traffic motorcyclists) police hours a day for a city with 62,000 residents. What does that say about the priorities of our council members? I have been told by most council members that police officers cost too much, roughly $200,000 a year. This is for the complete package that includes their wage, insurance, their car + maintenance + fuel. Why piss $14 million up the wall for improvements to a campground none of the residents will ever use?

Are council members turning a blind eye because most of the homeless camps are "out of view" and it makes them look better if a problem is hidden compared to doing something about it? No matter the consequences? Is it because the victims where homeless and our council members think nobody cares?

What does it take to jumpstart our council members brains? Is it even possible? Can it be done?

The Nightmare Team
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Jake 16 July 2017 - 20:44:31 hrs

Nobody has even mentioned how they allow motorcycle clubs to run amuck in this town has turned into a shit hole for sure thanks councel

Robin 20 June 2017 - 00:41:07 hrs

I called it last year addressing the corruption. Ive worked for two different cities in Orange County This isn't how cities work! I'm seeing people being dropped off on a daily basis! I'm sickened by the lack of law enforcement and the council's refusal to address it! Corruption at it's finest!

Mynce S. 31 March 2017 - 13:44:27 hrs

The worst place in the world. Hell would be a better place to live.

Marcie 18 November 2016 - 08:22:30 hrs

If a city doesn't quickly and effective solve criminal problems in the community we will continue to be known as weak and the place to be. This city is a full-time job and it doesn't seem Grant Yates is the right person for the job. Perhaps in a city that doesn't need to rise up so far, but he's not tough enough or doing enough.

To the city council and manager- The non-tax payer living by the lake is making the tax payers life hell. Shopping is hell because of being approached in parking lots by beggars. You say call the police but the three we have on duty are busy. Too busy to be proactive (like down by the lake) as their are only enough to react. And you guys want to spend money on signs and tell the people there is no money for lights, more police etc. It's your duty to protect and serve in your position. I suggest you start protecting your tax paying citizen and stop ignoring the problem. Fix it and fix it good. Don't just clean it up and allow them to return.

Mark R. 8 October 2016 - 02:14:56 hrs

This is so true. There really is a weird acceptance of "total lawlessness" in Lake Elsinore. Unless you directly call (9-1-1) for emergency help, the "after hours" police simply don't care, or they do care but they're so under-staffed that it's hard for them to control and arrest the drug addicts and dealers on a regular basis. It really feels like unless you seriously harm someone with a bullet or something, they just let the rest of the crime, the homelessness, and the meth dealers go unnoticed. This town needs more police for full time day and night shifts, not a shiny new campground playground that no one will ever use except the drug dealers and their flying monkeys.

Mary B 18 September 2016 - 09:19:42 hrs

Not only do they not see the encampment as a problem, they want to spend tax payers money to "upgrade" La Laguna right next to this crime infestation? Brilliant! Words are one thing, action is another. If this is our "jewel" then ACT LIKE IT! Or are those just words? A triple homicide related to homeless and meth addicts happens and the encampment is still going strong. If that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

Castro and Martin, if you are reading this. We're voting for YOU because we NEED change. Clean up the city of all the dumping and trash and break down the homeless encampments that threaten the tax payer, the businesses and overall health of the lake area. Life is not good with these people living near us.