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Grant Missed The Grant

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Natasha Johnson tells Pat Kilroy his time is up as soon as he proposes to fire the city manager if the city finds it to be true that Grant missed the grant ($1,102,000). Instead, the council members gave Grant Yates an $18,000 raise. No "thank you for getting the city $1,102,000", NOTHING... just moving on to the next speaker. City council should have kissed Pat Kilroy's hands and feet. Further proof that city council meetings are a waste of time.

Do you think Grant Yates would have missed the deadline for a personal grant? Do you think city council members would have fired Grant Yates if he would have missed a personal grant of, let's say $20,000, for each council member?

Grant Yates - City Of Lake Elsinore mis manager

Grant Yates

Grant Yates is the city manager of Lake Elsinore for three years who received a raise of $18,000 in the summer of 2015, now making a whopping $198,000 a year. He had his contract extended for four years, a raise and money well spent, according to mayor Steve Manos.

The Good Ole Boys Club

Steve Manos - City Of Lake Elsinore

Steve Manos

"Great cities require good teams to be together for a number of years in order to make things happen," Mayor Steve Manos said after the council approved the extension. "Nothing happens in government overnight, so we're really excited to have (Yates) with us for the next four years and hopefully beyond."

"great cities"???

Is Manos the mayor of Tokyo, Shanghai, New-York, Paris or London?


"good teams"???

A quick look at the images in the gallery will confirm that.


"nothing happens overnight".

Nothing happened in the year you were mayor!


Steve Manos - City Of Lake Elsinore


City councilman Brian Tisdale said the salary figure is about in the middle of what cities in Lake Elsinore's population range pay. According to the state figures released earlier this year, Lake Elsinore has about 58,000 inhabitants. Tisdale also added that Grant Yates has been a stabilizing figure.

"What I think he's really done is raised the bar in the city," Tisdale said. "I think the activity level has risen. I think the employees now have ownership and feel they're a part of Lake Elsinore becoming a great city.".

What Brian Tisdale really means is that he thinks Yates raised the bar "for the city east of I15", the "GOOD SIDE" of I15.

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Mitch Mabee 17 September 2016 - 08:51:32 hrs

This is damning evidence in support of the accusation of salaries being too high. If Yates can't be bothered to fill out some paperwork to guarantee a million for the city then how hard is he working to bring in new business. A city manager -A GOOD ONE- can easily justify a 200 thousand dollar salary if he hustles and brings in strong new businesses. However I am at a loss to provide a single example of businesses brought in by Yates.

Marcie 12 December 2015 - 22:13:04 hrs

Where does Grant Yates live? Does he live around the lake? Probably not.

While the city of Lake Elsinore is spending 1.2 million on astro turf, I'd like to have simple amenities like safety from the ever growing homeless population and how about some street lights. Our street is a city street and not only does it not have one street light, the old ones are falling down the hill like some ghost town.

Pretty nice salary there. How about we send all the homeless & drug addicts to your area Mr. Yates. How well will you sleep at night?

Mayor, you are from the city of Lake Elsinore, PLEASE stop ignoring the lake area. You don't live over here and you moved your own business away from this area for a reason, I'm guessing all the reasons we are complaining about.

When will funds be allocated to reviving the downtown area and surrounding lake area?