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Bob Magee Is A Man Of His Word

Thank You Bob Magee And Fred Lopez

Anyone who follewed the website over the past two years knows we never had much good to say about our city government. But since Bob Magee became mayor of Lake Elsinore, we saw a huge improvement and that should be said.

The website is an advocate for helping the homeless, but differentiates between those who are out on luck and those who disrespect nature, the city and its residents, by trashing every location where they reside. Those who do not wish to be a part of society but live just close enought to leech off it. Those who feel entitled. Those who are territorial about someone else's property they are tresspassing on.

Seems like one of the polluting thugs has set his/her hopes on being elected as council member. Let's hope the donors' money doesn't all go to booze.

The website wants to extend a special thanks to Bob Magee (mayor) and Fred Lopez (code enforcement) for their relentless effort to remove and to keep removing the environmental criminals who treat our city like a big toilet bowl.

The problem isn't the homeless but their disrespect for the environment and their entitlement mentality.

We are deeply grateful for Bob Magee's and Fred Lopez's determined battle against illegal dumping and for keeping our city clean.

Bob Magee is a man of his word and is doing what Natasha Johnson, Brian Tisdale, Steve Manos and Daryl Hickman deemed impossible.

Take it from a fierce Lake Elsinore critic, Bob Magee is truly concerned with the wellbeing of the Lake Elsinore residents.

The Nightmare Team
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