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$236,845 Signs Over Interstate 15

The Signs No One Can Read



Our council members have the knack for doing things the wrong way around. They LOVE pissing your money up the wall. Why did they not clean the city before announcing it on the highway? Why put up signs on the highway only to tell bypassers to come see the tweakers, the homeless and the trash?

Believe it or not, those expensive signs were planned in 2012. Why did it take four years to put up those signs? Was four years not enough to make sure those signs could be read? Why were council members and the city manager too stupid to think of lighting those signs at night? In the winter, days are as short as 9:30 and nights as long as 13:30 hours. This means that in the middle of the winter, those signs are invisible, not there, during 60% or two thirds of the day?

The success of Lake Elsinore stands or falls with a clean and safe city. This just won't sink in with our council members. There is no hope for Lake Elsinore as long as Natasha Johnson, Daryl Hickman, Steve Manos and Brian Tisdale are members of our city council!

I had extensive talks with the council members and the city manager and there is nothing to expect from them except expensive and mediagenic plans. They are in total denial of any problem, suffer from megalomania and get upset when they are criticized.

The Nightmare Team
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