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Every council meeting, get together (with council members or the city manager) or State Of The City is nothing more than a "Good News Show" where city officials brag about how good they are. It is so over the top that it damages their credibility. It makes city officials come across as fake. Listening to them is like watching an infomercial. Nothing is real. Our city officials prefer to blow smoke up people's butt than to address the problems and issues of our city.

Murrieta, San Juan Capistrano and Temecula are blooming and must be doing something Lake Elsinore is not doing.

Lake Elsinore must be clean before anything can change. The city is littered with trash and has countless hidden dumping places.

Code must be enforced so our city looks cared for, but code is only enforces on "easy targets" (tax paying homeowners). Tens of thousands of people who commute on highway 74 see the trash and empty buildings. The city must address the countless abandoned shopping carts.

The homeless live in tents and holes around the lake and in the hills, posing a fire risk and a health hazard because of inadequate human waste disposal. The city ignores the problem instead of finding a solution that benefits the homeless and the city.

Lake Elsinore must be safe before anything can change. It can easily take 45 minutes to three hours for police to arrive when calling for a non-emergency issue. For a city with a population of 61,000, there are only three police officers and 2 traffic motorcylcle cops on permanent duty. This is a joke!

All other spendings, like economic development consultants, branding companies, promotional videos, unreadable signs over interstate 15, improvements to the La Laguna campground are money down the drain. chose to shoot from the hip and say it as it is without softening our tone. However, we publish the truth and have e-mails, images, video or screenshots to back what we publish. There are enough softened news sources, we want to set ourselves apart.

Dear residents, we cannot do this by ourselves, we need your help. Please help by leaving a comment by using the "Leave A Comment" form at the bottom of most pages, and above all, please write the mayor and the council members. Lake Elsinore can only change if we do not remain silent.

The Nightmare Team
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Jay 3 July 2017 - 14:52:05 hrs

Not sure if you have brought this up, but if the city only has a 5 officers, why don't you start a petition or grass roots compain for the city to hand over policeing to the county sheriff's department? Hesperia did that and the crime rate has dropped and other problems the city had, like Lake Elsinore has, is starting to disappear. A lot of cities have switched to sheriff's over local police by the means of residence getting up and speaking about and doing something in view of the public. If you gather people to help set up booths at activities, in front of stores, games, etc., you would get noticed by locals that might not know what is going on in the city or how the city is managed. Just my thoughts.

Hi Jay, thank you for your comment.
You are absolutely right. The problem however is "gathering people". I have been to places like the post office, asking people for a signature on a petition. Most people do not want to be bothered. There is a petition on this website for more police. I have pulled my weight to bring about change to Lake Elsinore and succeeded on many topic. Putting up this website is one of them. Lake Elsinore has never been so clean. A few years ago, there were abandones mattesses and furniture on streets and roads, e.g. on Riverside Drive.
There is a link in the navigation bar "Wanna Help?". Only two people offered their help by sending images.

People are very busy with their lives. It's only if someone would rob them and they would feel the pinch right away that people would react. Very few people seem to understand that a safe and clean city will increase their home value.

Police officers in Lake Elsinore are hired from the county of Riverside. They are not paid directly by the city of Lake Elsinore.


Jenee B. 12 November 2016 - 08:03:07 hrs

This city has such a great potential of being beautiful again, inviting travelers, bringing in money. At this time it is a disgrace and the city is ignoring the many problems, especially the homeless camps, something has to be done. Market values are down and surrounding cities are done with the mess. Clean it up. You get hands outs all the time for cleaning in and around the lake. You are ruining the city by allowing all the filth, trash and rundown centers. Do something about it instead of lining your own pockets.. Geez

Sue M. 13 October 2016 - 16:07:23 hrs

Yes!!! You can't drive any where in our city without seeing trash. On the streets, in the yards. It's terrible. Why isn't the city code manager sending out warnings to violators? Something has to be done. We have one of the only natural lakes in southern Calufornia!! It should be a attraction but it looks like a dump site!! Why is there not even one restaurant or attraction lake side. City Councel, fix it. Fine the violators and clean up the city!!

Debbie 13 September 2016 - 12:05:57 hrs

I agree it's the responsibility of the residents to clean up their neighborhoods also. My husband and I walk regularly and always pick up trash. Neighbors leave old free papers, bottles, trash in their yards for weeks. They put out their trash barrels and wheel right past the trash in their own yard. Letting it just blow into the street to be hit and spread by cars. And we live in one of the "nice" neighborhoods. People seem to have no pride in keeping their home, yards and neighborhood nice. And the city doesn't seem to care about helping when some want to volunteer their time to help clean things up.

Debbie 13 September 2016 - 11:58:06 hrs

I volunteered to help clean up a site littered with dumped tires in the river between the lakes. I just needed the city or CR&R to donate a trash bin temporarily on the location. No luck talking with the city or trash co. Just got blah blah blah reasons why It couldn't be done, supposedly they would send a crew. Tires were still there last time I checked.

Terri 17 June 2016 - 23:11:01 hrs

Maybe the city council and manager should assign themselves an area and take note of the very obvious issues they seem to be missing. Drive down Riverside as a good example. Homemade signs at the Mexican restaurant that look like a 3rd world country. Broken signs that have christmas lights to decorate the broken sign. This stuff makes the city look like a joke. I don't think code works that particular area or perhaps they are blind. Again, clean the city up so attract a better clientele.

Craig 28 April 2016 - 13:53:15 hrs

Things definitely need to change if the city is ever going to attract businesses and investment like the areas south on the 15 Fwy have done. Having lived in the city for over 10 years now, I have seen the city slowly deteriorate while the surrounding communities continue to improve and grow. One huge hurtle that needs to be overcome is the city council being beholden to the mining companies that operate along the edges of the city limits. The council has allowed these companies to dictate policy, direction and funding that is beneficial to the the company's interests yet are detrimental to the city in the long run.

Anthony28 April 2016 - 10:14:31 hrs

I am glad this site was created. There is absolutely no common sense to the way things a run in this town. I for one would like to get involved in helping to clean up around here. So if someone is going to complain and they are otherwise able bodied then I would say: back up your complaining with some action to change things for the better! It shouldn't be this difficult!...

C. Gonzales 11 April 2016 - 22:29:13 hrs

Lake Elsinore has a homeless/pan handling problem. Lake Elsinore also needs some clean up and beautification. The mayor of Albuquerque found a clever solution for both problems in one. Some people are not able to maintain a Monday-Friday 9-5 position. Whatever the reason may be, working can give them a bit of independence and some hope. Why not hire them for the day and pay them cash to clean up our city? At the end of the day, they can be dropped off at a nearby shelter. Albuquerque initially did a trial run of two days a week. It was so successful that they are increasing it to four days a week.

Ready to Move from Lk. Elsinore 20 January 2016 - 15:08:50 hrs

The bottom line is people that would support the community by working, living, shopping, etc will eventually move on to better kept areas thus leaving more and more of what we see in these photos. Bottom line before too many years you have a city that is supported by government welfare etc instead of people who actually work for a living thus it all goes downhill from there. Wake up and smell the coffee Folks!!!

G Thousandaire 11 December 2015 - 14:33:39 hrs

Yes, I wonder how many untold thousands of dollars it cost for the Taxpayers to change the City Logo to "Dream Extreme." I don't know about you, but MY extreme dreams are usually NIGHTMARES.

Hi G Thousandaire, thank you for your comment. The city didn't even bother to trademark or copyright the logo. Imagine what it would cost the taxpayer if they had to change all the street signs and anything else the logo is on. There is a "TM" (trademark) at the bottom of the logo. There is no record of a trademark at the United States Trademark Office.
(if anyone from the city is reading this,... hintity hint hint!!!)
City Of Lake Elsinore - Dream CLEAN!
Thank you, and please spread the word. Lake Elsinore will not change if we remain silent.


Dorothy 3 December 2015 - 19:34:58 hrs

I agree that the city needs to be clean and safe.

Em 3 December 2015 - 14:50:09 hrs

Dream CLEAN is the perfect slogan. Keep up the good work.

Arlene 1 December 2015 - 13:15:28 hrs

Good article. I hope your efforts get something done (we have tried for MANY years!). We also stopped going to the council meetings as nothing helps. Keep up the good work.