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Bradley 31 May 2017 - 14:54:42 hrs

City corruption

Bradley 31 May 2017 - 14:54:12 hrs

Alto of what your seeing is the imagination of Rick de Santiago the supervisor for Public Works this guy makes the decisions on what gets put up and what gets ran pass City Council he doesn't care how he spends our tax dollars he hires his own family and he gets to pick the wages Francisco Diaz is his son-in-law he was a mechanic at Lake Elsinore Chevy along with Rick and the other mechanic that works in the shop Luiz these are three friends that Rick hired and decided their pay wages Public Works Yard is where people need to keep an eye on the ones that hung that ugly-ass sign is the streets departmentpart of rick De Santiago's very own Department Public Works they all should be put under investigation to see how much money they are stealing they spent $25,000 to remodel the break room smart TVs all kinds of stuff it is a joke. Leo solorzano has a garage full of City equipment labeled Cole these are the people that need to be looked into

Peg C. 26 April 2017 - 15:08:33 hrs

How do we get basketball setups that are on the street removed? 34247 Sweet Acacia and 34241 Sweet Acacia have them in the street 24/7.

Alex B. M. 8 February 2017 - 02:48:58 hrs

Build sidewalks!!!!

Jenee 2 December 2016 - 18:09:44 hrs

Instead of spending all the hard working taxpayers money on this type of monstrosity how about they put it into cleaning up Lake Elsinore, moving all the unsightly squatters camps, making the area a more desirable place for tourists and bringing money back into this town. Stop lining their own pockets and make the right attempts to clean this city up correctly. This is so Disgusting.

Mitch Mabee 17 September 2016 - 08:14:10 hrs

"Their thoughtless, dumb, absurd, senseless, costly and wasteful decisions make it hard not to question if they receive money under the table for contracts with the companies that execute their "nowhere" plans." Gracious, that's some list. Although dumb, senseless and absurd are-for the most part- redundant as are costly and wasteful there are still ... Read More 2 important ideas worth discussing.
First of all, way to throw down the gauntlet by accusing the City Council of accepting bribes. That sort of sets the tone for the rest of the campaign. If Mr. Martin's platform is centered on ridding the city of wasteful spending then he'll have my vote. The Oreo cookie slogan I don't understand and certainly seems to meet the conditions for absurd.

The camp ground listed as wasteful spending, I'm not sure about that one. Before passing judgement on that expenditure I thinking we would first want to research whether construction of the Balboa Pavilion decreased or increased the value of homes in Balboa. To describe the improvements planned for areas around the lake over the next 30 years as a camp ground improvements is grossly misleading to say nothing of the 2 or 3 hundred million in Chinese investment money that will be used to build the family pavilion. I assume those plans are still in the works. I am personally aware of how many 18 acre parcels Chinese investors gobbled up at the North-west corner of the lake. These are some far reaching plans that if brought to fruition would be a huge boost to the value of existing homes. And critics are concerned that our end is 19.8 mil over 31 years? I don't see the impending disaster in that spending.

I am highly suspicious of bloggers who accuses Bush or Obama of taking too many vacation days without providing the proper comparison. The same goes for accusing politicians of paying themselves unacceptably high salaries without providing comparative salaries from similar sized cities. Either their salaries are too high or they're not. Without comparisons it's just an attempt to rally people around popular misconceptions which some might consider a greater sin than greed.

Martin will probably get my vote because people here in Tuscany that I admire very much are backing him. And because I was sitting in the front row of his "Exuuuuse Meeeeeee" Rose bowl concert in 1981.
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Hi Mitch, thank you for your comment.
We do not accuse council members of accepting bribes. We question if there is more going on as council members make decisions that are against the interest of the residents, against common sense and against logic.
Steve Martin has nothing to do with this website, we simply support anyone who can replace the current council members.
Slogans and logos usually cost between $500 and $5000. The price tag for the city's logo and two word slogan of $167,000 does not make sense.
Mitch, did you read the full article on the La Laguna campground? Did you see the pictures of the occupancy of the campground, the lake and the boat launch? Did you consider the fact that the city calculated the financial feasability on the worst case scenario of a yearly average occupancy of 40%?
Do you think the city should run a campground, a supermarket, a liquor store, a laundromat, a restaurant or a bowling alley?
Lastly, the article on the six figure wages of city employees does not judge, it simply makes it public for people to know.


Max B., Cedar Rapids, IA 14 August 2016 - 08:32:10 hrs

Nice lake, warm water, plenty of space. Too much algae. The lake is good for wading in but swimming isn't good. I cut My foot on glass in the lake and we found 12 glass bottles and dead fish on the shore.

Honesr 3 August 2016 - 22:07:56 hrs

They want all these people living here, yet fail to realize these people drive cars! Riverside Dr (74) ! Should've been widened to 4 lanes twenty years ago! A traffic safety lawsuit in the making!

Butch 2 August 2016 - 10:53:46 hrs

Why does development pass LE by and move to Murrieta, Menifee and Temecula?

Chuck M., Lake Elsinore, CA 30 July 2016 - 16:04:56 hrs

Lake Elsinore Closed to Recreational Use Due to Detection of Harmful Algae Lake will remain closed until further notice.

The City of Lake Elsinore was just notified by the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) that Lake Elsinore contains toxins that exceed recommended recreational health thresholds caused by cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.


NO SURPRISE HERE TO ANYONE LIVING IN OR NEAR THIS CESSPOOL...IT'S BEEN PART OF THE "DREAM EXTREME" nonsense for years someone is going to invest in a pier with restaurants and a beautiful boat arena...really!!! All anyone has to do is drive down "Historic Main Street" to see what this city is about...there is NOTHING historic about it....Mayor arrested for spousal abuse now the SCCWRP shutting the lake down..

Mary 19 July 2016 - 10:08:26 hrs

Have you ever looked at a map overview of real estate prices? We are at the bottom of the barrel all along the coast and I 15 corridor of So. Cal. One step above Perris. Doesn't say a whole lot about this town. I've lived here 30 years and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

The same mentality is still in city hall. Fine those you think you can get money from and leave the others (trash) alone. Charge those outrageous permit fees... Read More, business license fees, etc to those you think you can get money from thus discouraging new growth, upgrades etc.

Why is it one can go into other cities pull permits and know in one trip everything that is necessary. Here 6 trips later they still don't know what they want you to have in order to start a business or do a project. Incomprehensible.

Tell me what tourists are dying to visit Main street to go to the video store, liquor store, henna parlor, or dr office. There should be boutiques and retaurants, but noooo they go out of business because who in their right mind is even going to visit main street when there isn't any place to shop. Kudos to the antique stores that have stayed open and I'm sorry for the ones who had to leave this year because of lack of foot traffic. It shouldn't be that way! There should be enough foot traffic to support them ex. Temecula, Petaluma, Red Wing, MN, Santa Fe, NM, Monterey CA, Carmel CA, Solana Beach CA, Idyllwild CA, Julian CA.......just to name a few. The city needs to quit stifling businesses by their outrageous fees and LACK of willingness to work with people wanting to bring in uplifting and awesome businesses.

Tourists are not interested in shopping at Walmart, Bed Bath Beyond, Lowes, Or Home Depot....chances are they have those in their towns....... The outlet stores leave MUCH to be desired catering pretty much to beach or cheap..

But as some out of towners have made very clear to me..... it's pretty run down around here don't ya think???
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Robert C. 15 July 2016 - 10:49:00 hrs

I just visited yesterday. My brothers and I inherited a small lot in the 'Country Club Heights' area nearly forty years ago. We've just paid the taxes and weed abatement fees. The parcel has actually been in our family since the 1930s. The area was sold as a paradise to unsuspecting buyers. The 'Dream' of Lake Elsinore has always been delusional than anything else.

After visiting the lot and driving the hills overlooking the lake, I realized that this place actually has potential. Then I drove the around the lake -- and with every passing minute the craving for a Jumbo Jack was too much to bare. I stopped, spent my 6.95 and left. Maybe my great grandchildren will find some use for it in thirty years.

Robert M., Norwalk, CA 5 July 2016 - 14:39:31 hrs

Nasty lake smells bad n the water is green seen.. never coming back here again trash in the water smells like a toilet.

Sergey K., Granada Hills, CA 25 June 2016 - 16:04:56 hrs

10 years ago this lake was a disaster. Water smells like ..... Any way, I decided to try it out one more time after 10 years. OMG... same smell, same sh.....t. Please, if you (who ever take care of this lake) clean this lake. It's still smells like sh...t. I'll never come back unless you'll take care of this place. Sorry to give you one star, but I'm very disappointed. CLEAN YOUR LAKE.

Robert Trump supporter Williamson 22 June 2016 - 19:08:22 hrs

The streets, streets, streets need help. We don't need the fleecing with pointless signs (of which I have never seen a town do) And a slogan which is not legally protected? C'mon

There are more streets in Elsinore completely tore up that continue to wear away.

A base ball stadium sized annual debt of $2mil to run your "Farm Team" for the Padres.

The city does not need a loan, they need relaxed codes, developer incentives and finally.....

CLEAR OUT LOW INCOME AWAY FROM THE LAKE. Eminent domain the properties to force improvements. As long as you have low-income residents near the lake and in down town Elsinore, you will not succeed. This area needs massive redevelopment to include better mapped roads to connect down town Elsinore to Railroad Canyon

Dear Robert
Thank you for your comment. The current council members do not see this, it DOES NOT SINK IN. I have tried. With Hickman not running in two years from now and Tisdale out of the picture, we have the opportunity to change the city council in November.
The council members are planning to take on a $19,840,000 debt for improvements to the La Laguna campground, Lake Elsinore's second Diamond Stadium disaster. They will use the lease of our city hall, two fire stations, two parks and the campground as collateral. They are running Lake Elsinore into the ground!
Get involved, sign the petition and spread the word.

Thank you.

Ralph D'Errico 17 June 2016 - 09:27:43 hrs

While you are concerned about putting up signs advertising Lake Elsinore beauty, why not beautify the residential streets? Two months ago I complained about the terrible condition the street in front of my house was in, with 3-4 inch cracks with grass growing, and furnished you with 3 pictures with me mowing the grass. Haven't heard a peep from anyone about correcting the situation. Since we homeowners only get tax increases, how-a-bout fixing the street. Isn't that part of your responsibility? I want my home to look beautiful also.

Chuck M., Lake Elsinore, CA 13 Juny 2016 - 14:13:53 hrs

With all the issues surrounding this city who authorized the ridiculous expenditure for the overpass "Lake Elsinore Signage". A complete waste of time and money by our City Council, Mayor or whoever else assigned funds to this project...

The intersection of Summerhill & Railroad Canyon remains one of the most congested intersections in the county, the downtown area of Lake Elsinore resembles a poorer version of Tijuana, you can't swim in the lake and as usual nothing changes at the "Dream Extreme" city...lets get rid of this good old boy network of city council members and try to really change things in a city that is the laughing stock of our county and the love child of the developers...

Anthony 28 April 2016 - 09:44:28 hrs

You can just tell by looking at them that they don't give 2 shits about the real problems in Elsinore!

Barry 28 April 2016 - 06:57:11 hrs

Although I agree with a good portion of what the author of this site has to say, I take exception to the somewhat personal attacks on the city council as a whole. I personally know two of them and what they are up against in this area is astronomical. A city council cannot, on their own, change the decades of trashy residents moving in and multiplying like rats. The city is doing a good job in trying to move things forward with small steps and that should be recognized. Considering the poverty level of so many residents, the per capita tax income for the city is no doubt far below that of neighboring cities and therefore resources are limited.

I am a big fan of gentrification and think that needs to take place here to slowly squeeze out those who continue to scar this community. It may not be a popular position, but pushing the tweakers, addicts, and other undesirables further out into the desert is a great goal.

One note to the author of this site.... You do talk a big game about all that should be done by what you apparently consider to be an impotent city council, but I might suggest that you use some of this zeal to run for a position on the council and then put all these lofty ideas to work. Actions speak louder than words and I think you might find that if you were actually responsible for the day to day operations of the city, implementing these great changes is not as straightforward as it might seem from the outside

Dear Barry
We talked to all the city council members and the city manager Grant Yates. They are utterly clueless and utterly useless.

I understand your arguement that what they are up against in this area is astronomical, but this does not mean residents should accept their incompetence. Watch Grant miss the grant. It's all about incompetence and making dumb decisions.

The city only enforces building code on "easy targets" (if they can make easy money) while looking the other way for thousands of violations on "not so easy targets" The council members are saying "SCREW THE LAW, TAKE THE MONEY!".

We came to the sad conclusion that shaming the council members by exposing the poor management of the city is the only effective way to bring change. This website has brought change, locations were cleaned and shacks were removed.

Thank you for your comment.

Francis Lechiara, Lake Elsinore 10 April 2016 - 19:12:23 hrs

Dear City of Lake Elsinore,

When I think of Lake Elsinore, I think of death. I think of a Shakespearean tragedy by way of bereavement. I think of a withering flower in the dust.

This city and its Counsil have ran it into the ground. They have allowed the vestige of a once romantic wonderland be beaten down to a hovel.

Where is the passionate vision? Where is the romance? ... Read More

It seems to me that every opportunity has been turned down. Every chance for a promising future left to rot. The City Counsil is lazy, old, and out of date. They lack perspective and integrity.

The "City" plans to hold an Opinion Survey so they can fulfill their "vision for the city to be the ultimate lake destination where all can live, work and play, build future and fulfill dreams."

But who's vision? Apparently the "vision" has been preconceived.

There has been a forty year plan up on the city's website for years and no one knows about. They don't reach out to the people. They expect the people to go to them. City government works for the people. Not the other way around.

This city can do without another thrift store, another 99 cent store, another cheap low grade way of life. A city is only as valuable as you make it. And so far since its spike in growth, there has not been any attempts to let it shine. It still carries that same old name as "The unwashed colon of California."

Looking at the 2015 Financial Reports there has been a net growth of over 200 million dollars. Where is that going? I don't see sidewalks on Lakeshore? Or Riverside Drive to Collier? What if families wanted to ride there bikes along the lake without being hit by a car?

City Counsil members are out-of-date, useless parasites collecting a paycheck. Let's get someone in there with vision. Someone who has vigor. Someone who gives a damn.

A concerned citizen who wants change,
Francis Lechiara
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Marcie C., Lake Elsinore 4 March 2016 - 08:43:41 hrs

It was such a relief to see the homeless camp start to come down on this land. The trash down there is unreal not only on the lakeshore but back in the trees. There is so much wildlife down there, seeing birds going in between plastic in the water and on the beach was really sad.

While the city does not own this property, it is the responsibility of the landowner to not pollute the lake. Therefore, the city should indeed warn, then fine the owner to clean up the property. Part of having lake front property comes with responsibility and that responsibility has been completely ignored, causing pollution. If there is not an ordinance in place for lake front owners, there should be because this is just wrong. And it's not for the city and/or tax payers to clean up these camps and their trash.

Margaret L. 26 January 2016 - 13:10:52 hrs

Do these guys come in bobble heads

Sonny, C.E.O. Developments 22 January 2016 - 19:43:30 hrs

I'm a developer up north and I've just come down to look at the area first hand for future potential investment. I was dumbfounded to find a lake in Southern California (didn't think there were any left?) with such potential just wasting away. The scenery is amaizing, the climate perfect and with more effort the lake could be the jewl of Southern California. We just got here today and did a drive around and was almost ran off the road a few times for doing the speed limit! I'm confused why all the lake frontage is either sitting undeveloped or stained with low income housing, trailer parks or campsites? These would be, and are, million dollar lots up north. The city needs to either increase the taxes on these vacant lots, change the zoning or start to, and insist on a new development plan for the future! Unless my realtor has a magic wand I think I'll steer clear. There is such increadible potential here, unfortunately in most areas around the lake we either refused to or were just too worried about our safety to even get out of the car! I'm looking at land and lots tomorrow and I'll repost once I have. As of now I can't see my opinion changing. I'm not trying to be rude, just an outsiders point of view. I really hope I'm wrong as I do love it down here.

Marie 5 January 2016 - 22:12:48 hrs

I thought it would be great to walk along the inlet channel....isn't that what it is for? A beautiful place to get some exercise safely off the road? Not so. After having to pass by the drunk/ homeless fearing for my safety I won't do that again. I would recommend some of you folks up in city hall just trot on down there and try it out to see how you like it. What a waste. Filth and garbage lying around. Old sleeping bags on the benches and trash spilling out of the trash cans and the drunks harassing me as I went by, No thank you. Where are the employees whose job it is to keep the city cleaned up??

Change L. 10 December 2015 - 09:34:22 hrs

Lake Elsinore is a joke. We bought a home in Lake Elsinore in 2012 and realized it was a huge mistake. The city council and the mayor are utterly incompetent and Lake Elsinore is the laughing stock of the Inland Empire. The city is dirty and depressing. The mayor lives in the new part of the city, Tuscany Hills, and doesn't give 2 sh*ts about the city, the old town on the other side of highway 15.

The city gave up on the city and started building a new one, with Rosetta Canyon, Tuscany hills and Canyon Lake, that didn't want to be associated with Lake Elsinore and got their own zip code (says it all). Lake Elsinore is still a cesspool while the cities around Lake Elsinore are thriving. It's time for a regime change in this hellhole!

Gregorio T., Lake Elsinore, CA

I moved to Lake Elsinore in 1998 fresh from the SF Bay Area because I was looking for an affordable home near where I grew up (SJC, just over the hill). It took only a couple of years before I realized I had made a terrible mistake. Sadly, this place has not changed much for the better.

I always wondered why Elsinore, with much of its infrastructure already in place, remained stagnant while other nearby communities blossomed and grew. This can be explained in 2 words: corrupt governance. For example: street signals magically appear near the plush homes of the local city ... Read More officials, while busy intersections are left with stop signs (if anything) and fraught with danger from the speeding cars of drug-addled idlers. They happened to find the cash for the electric billboard for "Storm Stadium" which has been hemorrhaging money since the day it was built.

And speaking of drugs, the Four Corners area between Lincoln and Lakeshore Drive is a veritable drug swap Meet for the bottom-dwelling petty criminal element who seem to flock to the place like metal filings to a magnet. With absolutely NO social services to speak of, mental patients and low-functioning meth addicts roam the area aimlessly, camping in the bushes near the lake, mumbling to themselves, dressed in rags while pushing their "re-appropriated" shopping carts around. I've lived in Brazil and have seen residents of Favelas who fare better. How the local businesses put up with this nonsense is quite amazing since they should be screaming for someone's head. I am hoping that telling the truth will shame the psychopaths on the city council into taking some action (but you know they never will).

Granted, Elsinore was getting slightly better ten years ago from the influx of OC residents who moved here for cheap housing, but it soon became "same-o, same-o" after the housing crash of 2008.

The only positives I can think of about the place are that the Police (contracted through the Sheriff's Department) are by and large very helpful and nice. They raise the bar for the whole City. If not for them, I would give the place an even lower rating, but there's no way I can give any fraction of a star here.

In other words, Elsinore is not for the faint of heart. Therefore, until we get "regime change", take my advice and avoid this place. True happiness is seeing Lake Elsinore in your rear-view mirror for the very last time.
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Greg T., Santa Paula, CA

Just drove through and frankly, it makes me sad to see such a potentially beautiful setting so full of ticky tacky shlock!

Chuck M., Lake Elsinore, CA

The intersection of Railroad Canyon and Grape Street/Summerhill is a classic example of why Lake Elsinore is the laughing stock of the valley. Temecula, Murrieta both cities built their infrastructure and roads to handle the growth...

Lake Elsinore like so many small towns continue to elect these boot licking clones of the developers. Erect signage along the freeway "Downtown Lake Elsinore Historical District Restaurant Row"....Really!!!

Our lake has the well deserved reputation... some lakes have no swimming signs posted because the water is used for drinking in the case of Lake Elsinore its the opposite there should be signs to protect the swimmers.... but no worries most people know don't go in the water...

Sad state of affairs... VOTERS WAKE UP!!! Vote these city council tools out of office!

Michelle N., Fountain Valley, CA

Lake Elsinore was once a place where my parents planned on purchasing some investment property. Fast forward 15 or so years... I'm glad they did not.

This is a very dead town. There's almost nothing to do and I would not swim in the waters here. People wash their clothes in it, they dump their boat sewage into it, they do all sorts of nasties with the water here. Although it's been "cleaned" several times, I still would not risk swimming in Lake Elsinore.

You'll find that this semi-developed community doesn't have much to offer. Cheap homes maybe, but the commute back to civilization is quite far!

M D., Redwood City, CA

Do not do business here!! Do not take your business here.!! This is an unfriendly oppressive and discriminatory city particularly the group of ignorant individuals that work for the city. A previous review called Lake Elsinore ..."a wretched place.." and even that is too kind. It remains a filthy underdeveloped cesspool of a place because of the way it treats those that try to do business. I propose a complete boycott of this city! And if you live here you should know that anyone that tries to bring money into your town is turned away because of the red necks that run your town.

Evelyne O., Longbeach, CA

We went here with a group and were excited to jump into the water only to notice from afar that it looked pretty green. As we drew closer we noticed the muggy green water that looked absolutely disgusting. We drove 2 hours to get there so we felt optimistic thinking the water wasn't as dirty as it appeared so we jumped in the water. Soon to realize that there was a RAT floating in the water. We quickly got out with the large group. Needless to say I will NEVER come back here again. I highly recommend you guys stay away from this nasty lake!

Ps. If I could give 0 stars I would ...

Nino R., Hackensack, NJ

A wretched place. This is where most apocalyptic movie scenes are filmed. Well not really... but they totally could be.

If you want to develop dysentery or cholera really fast, then take sip of Lake Elsinore. You may even grow a third eye a la the fish from The Simpsons.

Just take a look at the pictures. The fish beach themselves because of the pure horror that takes place beneath the water's surface. You can't see further than a few inches anyway before things turn brown or green. Have you ever seen the movie "Cyborg"?


Teresita C., Seattle, WA

I do not scare easily. I don't scream over bugs, fog or heights. I do have a tiny clean fetish but I am not OCD. I do however find it hard to wrap my head around a recreation area that is 100% 3rd-world-style FILTHY.
A short walk along the shore revealed the following:
old clothes, innumerable dirty diapers, plastic bottles, old food wrappers, shoes, goo and small children having their bottoms washed, IN THE LAKE.

I have officially christened this "Lake Go-Elsewhere."

SoCalMom H., Lake Elsinore, CA

I moved to Lake Elsinore two years ago because the home prices were affordable and the school scores were comparable to Corona. If I had it to do over again, I would have either moved to Corona or gone out further south to Murrieta or Temecula. Just as the other posts claim, this place is very dirty, underdevloped, and very low-income. I have tried to get involved at my kids' schools, and although the staff is very nice, the residents are not such - they behave as poorly as a young adult without manners. They're unapproachable, rude, and just plain ignorant. They race to cut off other drivers (many roads have two lanes that merge into one throughout town), pretend not to notice others as they casually cut in lines (most are the lower-socioeconomical residents), race through residential areas even when kids or pedestrians are present, most smoke, everyone has tattoos (even the heavy, unattractive people, who then wear skimpy clothes to show off their art), and the number of fights is astonishing. My kids played football and the parents faught more than they won games. Most practices turn into a high school brawl (and I should know... I am a teacher at a public high school nearby).

I have had the most difficulty making friends for myself and my kids, but after seeing half of the residents, I'm almost glad we can't. On the flip side, my kids are the highest-accademically performing students in their schools, so their involvement with sports, ASB, and volunteer work stands out since they don't have as much competition. I look forward to finding a way out of here, but it's like some residents say (taken from a sign off one of the parks), "stay a day or stay forever," because it's never somewhere in the middle.

Tino, Lake Elsinore, CA

My wife and I have lived here for 9 years and all we can say is IT SUCKS! The heat in the summer is unbearable and thanks to Southern California Edison and this area being one of the highest electricity tiers, our monthly electric bills in the summer average $600+(PER MONTH) and it's just the two of us. We finally got a local shopping area after nine years and still don't have any decent restaurants and are over-run with fast food which the residents seem to love. Upper scale restaurants have tried it here and failed because no one wants to pay more than $6.95 for dinner. I was in Texas and the waitress said, "Oh you live in Lake Smells Some More". I can't even get away from it in Texas! They are trying to rehab the lake but it still stinks and many people cringe at the thought of putting their boat in the water. You would think with the lake being the main and only attraction they would focus more efforts on clean-up and actually allowing nice homes to be built on the lake but that will never happen! God forbid they pave a road. The roads are absolutely horrible and paving on the most highly traveled roads is non-existent rattling your car to it's core. A lot of the city is old and dumpy and there isn't much indication of those areas getting better any time soon. All said and done, it's hot as hell, boring as hell, and it wouldn't hurt for immigration to get over here and clear out all the illegals! But that won't happen because half of the city would be wiped out! If you like hang gliding and sky diving we are world renound for those but I would much rather drive to Lake Elsinore for those attractions than live here. What an armpit!